The Travelers

A Northern California RV camping club. Members from the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley.

Club History

The Los Viajaros RV Club was founded in 1960 by a group of San Jose, California IBM employees who enjoyed to camp. Los Viajaros in Spanish means The Travelers. The RV Club was established as the 1st California branch chapter of the National Campers and Hikers Association (NCHA) based in New York.

Today, the RV Club stands as a separate non-profit social organization dedicated to friendship, fellowship and the enrichment of the camping and RVing experience. We welcome all RV types.

Outings 2022

  • Mar Paso Robles RV Ranch, Paso Robles

  • April Kit Fox RV Park, Patterson

  • May Flag City RV Resort, Lodi

  • June Yanks RV Resort, Greenfield

  • July Jackson Rancheria, Jackson - *See Below

  • Aug Monterey Fairgrounds, Monterey - Sold Out

  • Sept Vineyard RV Park, Vacaville - Members Only

  • Oct Casa de Fruta, Hollister - Open

  • Nov Garlic USA, Gilroy - Open

  • Dec Betabel, San Juan Bautista - Open

Email us for exact dates and reservations!

*JULY UPDATE - The Electra Fire in Amador County has caused a power outage at Jackson Rancheria RV Resort! Plans to restore power is Friday, July 8th. The Club has scrambled for an alternate location at Flag City in Lodi.

Excerpts from February's 2022 Newsletter, The Traveler

Who's Been Traveling This Winter

"In January Boyd and Jill wandered through Southern California, Nevada and Arizona...if you venture south, they highly recommend hiking Heavenly Valley trail at Joshua NP..."

"Lou, Marilyn, Russ and Cheryl took a side trip to Santa Barbara for four days (Ocean Mesa RV Park)...and they spent four days in Monterey (Monterey Fairgrounds)...ate at a great restaurant in downtown Monterey, Rosines."

"David and I are making our tour around frigid Arizona. Came here for the warm weather but met by cold winds and very low temperatures...good show in Quartzsite this year. Looking forward to March in Paso."

Yanks Campout


It was a very small group but great times! Members and guests arrived on Saturday and spent the day setting up, visiting and decompressing. There was plenty of activity in the air…the wind lent a great opportunity to get kites in the sky. At first kites were darting about and drive bombing helpers. One kit flew off on its own but was retrieved shortly. Another kit landed in a tree. All in all, loads of fun.

On Sunday afternoon, there was a meet and greet at the clubhouse, and an Italian themed potluck dinner later. After dinner, the group played fun games of Right, Left, Center. Monday and Tuesday were filled with trips to Monterey, Soledad, family visits, dining out, ice cream social and storytelling. BIG Stories!

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Our camping year begins in March and goes through December, set by the Camping Director 12 to 18 months in advance. Normally, there's a travel time of 2 to 3 hours from the San Jose area, and we camp 3 to 4 nights. While members are not required to attend every outing, we encourage fun and comradery.

We welcome the opportunity to enrich our RV club with NEW members. Not only are we a group of RV owners, we are The Travelers who enjoy a common social network of interest and friendship.

JOIN US for one of our monthly campouts! Email us at

Preview of 2023 Outings

  • Mar Paso Robles RV Ranch, Paso Robles

  • April TBD

  • May Flag City RV Resort, Lodi

  • June Angeles Camp RV Park, Angeles Camp

  • July Jackson Rancheria, Jackson

  • Aug TBD

  • Sept Sugar Barge RV and Marina, Bethel Island

  • Oct Casa de Fruta, Hollister

  • Nov Garlic USA, Gilroy

  • Dec Betabel, San Juan Bautista

Email us for dates!

The Travelers Los Viajaros RV Club

San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley, California

Updated July 2022