Previous Outings

October 2021  Campout

"Casa de Fruta has always been an eventful place to visit and play during the month of October.  The leaves on the trees are full bloom and showing off their wonderful fall colors and "mother nature" was doing her part at the being warm in the day and a bit cool & breezy during the night.

On Thursday early evening we had a short members meeting discussing various items and bringing members updated on future campouts.  Shortly, after several members went out for dinner and some ate in their rigs.

On Friday, due to many activities surround the park it was basically a free day for all.  

Saturday morning, we had a hearty continental breakfast which included a variety of Danishes, boiled eggs, Babybel cheese, and orange juice.  After breakfast some members went to the Renaissance Faire, others walked over to the Casa de Fruta produce area for wine and/or ice cream.

Later on, Saturday evening we had our delicious potluck dinner. After dinner...the weather was so nice we all sat around talking. 


This weekend was perfect for relaxation."

Hazel & Gil, October Camp Host

March 2022  Campout

Great friends, great fun and great food at Paso Robles RV Park in March. Eager to start a new camp season, all members made the outing at Paso. The park staff were well organized, and the grounds were nicely kept. Why did we wait so long to visit?  The Club made reservations for next year too.

Roger and Brenda had a new rig open house serving up wine, cheese and crackers. In addition, members brought tasty treats to enjoy as they caught up with one another at the open house. Club members were active visiting local wineries, restaurants, antique stores and shops during our four night stay.

On Saturday morning, Boyd and Jill hosted a “cowboy” breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns and orange juice. Everyone brought their hearty appetite! 

Later in the day people played cornhole, pool, cards and socialized at the park’s club house. The Champion cornhole hustlers this month were Diane and Jill. They showed remarkable skill, which can best be described as a “whole lot of luck”. At potluck dinner the hearty appetites returned, as there were only small amounts of food leftover. The evening was topped off with bingo.  Phew, what a long day!

Boyd and Jill

May  2022  Campout

Nine rigs arrived in camp ... between the wind and a hole in our Kayak we didn't get to go out on the water.  But Lodi Lake is a beautiful place to walk around.  Many of us did just that. (Editor's note: Also, members enjoyed AW Root Beer (first original restaurant in Lodi), and wine tasting at Oak Ridge (oldest winery in Lodi).

We were able to play games, David was the big winner a LRC winning both games.  That was a first.  Hazel and Roger won my "Guess what is in the jar" game.  I thank all who played.  We also had a wild game of Mexican Train.

I tried a new egg dish for Breakfast one tray was wonderful.  Second tray I forgot the flour and it was a little rubbery.  Cooks need to concentrate.

Our Potluck was delicious and as usual we had way too much food.  Thank you, Marilyn, for sending a dish but we still missed you two ...since we are away next month we look forward to Jackson in July.

Diane & David

June  2022  Campout

It was a very small group but great times!   Members and guests arrived on Saturday and spent the day setting up, visiting and decompressing.   There was plenty of activity in the air…the wind lent a great opportunity to get kites in the sky.  At first kites were darting about and drive bombing helpers.   One kit flew off on its own but was retrieved shortly. Another kit landed in a tree.   All in all, loads of fun.

On Sunday afternoon, there was a meet and greet at the clubhouse, and an Italian themed potluck dinner later.   After dinner, the group played fun games of Right, Left, Center. Monday and Tuesday were filled with trips to Monterey, Soledad, family visits, dining out, ice cream social and storytelling.  BIG Stories!

Cheryl & Russ

Excerpts from February's 2022 Newsletter, The Traveler

Who's Been Traveling This Winter

"In January Boyd and Jill wandered through Southern California, Nevada and Arizona...if you venture south, they highly recommend hiking Heavenly Valley trail at Joshua NP..."

"Lou, Marilyn, Russ and Cheryl took a side trip to Santa Barbara for four days (Ocean Mesa RV Park)...and they spent four days in Monterey (Monterey Fairgrounds)...ate at a great restaurant in downtown Monterey, Rosines."

"David and I are making our tour around frigid Arizona. Came here for the warm weather but met by cold winds and very low temperatures...good show in Quartzsite this year. Looking forward to March in Paso."

October 2022  Campout

Casa de Fruta is a destination all its own. It has wine tasting, large fruit stand, homemade candy, restaurant, children's train, carousel, and things to do for of all ages. The office staff is very courteous and accommodating.

We were able to utilize the Pacheco clubhouse without extra charge. With our colorful decorations of fall it was a very welcoming room for all to enjoy. The majority of our group arrived on Thursday early afternoon. Some went to lunch while others went to eat dinner later at the Casa de Restaurant.

On Friday, due to many activities surrounding the park it was basically a free day for all. Saturday morning, we had a wonderful continental breakfast, and our group meeting was held after. Afterwards many walked over to Casa de Fruta produce area for wine, gifts and/or ice


Saturday evening, we had our delicious potluck dinner. After dinner, fines were collected and later with all in attendance we played LRC. In both rounds it was Jill & Boyd making out with all the dough! This weekend was perfect for relaxation!

Hazel & Gil

November 2022  Campout

We had 11 rigs for our Thanksgiving campout at Gilroy Garlic USA RV park. The hall was decorated in a fall/Thanksgiving theme. Many campers went out to eat lunch and/or dinner. We played Bingo in the club house on Friday night. We had a breakfast and meeting Saturday morning.

Saturday’s potluck dinner was a turkey and ham cooked by Tony and all the fixings supplied by Club members. Everyone ate their fill and there were even leftovers to take home.

The tractor store was a popular place to go along with the warehouse sale around the corner. Some campers visited the a winery to sample and purchase a wines.

Barb & Tony 

December 2022 Campout

Free day on Thursday. Some went shopping and had lunch out. Others stayed back. We met in the club house for Thursday night dinner. Friday, another free day. Rain and more rain. Some ventured out to San Juan to enjoy the day. We met in the club house for dinner Friday and afterwards, played Left, Right, Center. Saturday breakfast was prepared Cheryl, Russ, Marilyn and Lou which consisted of scramble eggs, breakfast sausage, fruit, Croissants, Cinnamon Rolls and juice.

We had lots of rain so most of us enjoyed the clubhouse and thanks to Dave and Diane for hosing games of Bingo. Some of the guys watched the Army v.s. Navy game. Navy was robbed according to Lou.  

Since December is a special time of the year, the Club shared the cost to catered Famous Daves in place of potluck. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah and a Happy and Healthy New Years.

See all next year in March at Paso Robles RV Ranch!

Your Camp Hosts

Cheryl, Russ, Marylin, and Lou

March 2023 Campout

We experienced rain and partly cloudy skies at the first campout of the year. Thanks to Paso Robles RV Ranch, we had use of the clubhouse Thursday night through Saturday for a great deal.  The Club held a Meet & Greet on Wednesday afternoon for our guest Tina. Tina found the Club through our website and is a delight. She drives a 24-foot Tiffin class C motorhome with all the top technology. We hope to see her again soon.

Thursday and Friday members enjoyed local wineries, eateries and connected with club and family members.  Heavy Thursday night rain created a large pond at our doorstep. Thanks to Dave's quick and caring action; created a raised walkway with trailer blocks, so that we could exit the rig.

Members put their “crazy on” wearing unusual attire for Saturday’s breakfast to compete for a “first-in-line” potluck prize. There were hippies, cowboys/girls, members in jammies and Hawaiian shirts, a fairy who flew-in and an udder less cow! Janine won the contest as the cow.  Members were treated to Boyd’s scrambled eggs on Saturday morning, along with sausage, fruits and breads. A western style potluck and a laughter filled bingo game ended the day.

There were plenty of good stories, laughs and game playing during the campout. And of course, the weather was almost perfect Sunday morning.

Your host Boyd and Jill

April 2023 Campout

Lucky US, no rain! Most members arrived Sunday and enjoyed lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant. Buena comida! Throughout the week, members enjoyed touring Napa and Calistoga. Marc and Carol won first place at the club's wine tasting contest with their bottle of 2017 Tobin James Zinfandel. 

Since there was no club house at Napa, members set-up canopies and lights on the lawn area for our gathering activity. Our host Lou and Marilyn, enticed everyone with their breakfast burritos and sweet fruit. Lou BBQed dinner franks for potluck and members brought side dishes for the event, with a surprise ice cream from Marilyn. Earlier in the week, Brenda rallied members to play an egg basket game in celebration of Spring. Members blindly passed a basket of plastic eggs from one basket to another over their head. It took three attempts for members to not drop an egg! We don't know whether that's a good or bad record but everyone had a good laugh. 

Members socialized, snoozed and enjoyed the lazy days in the bright sun.

See you in May at Flag City!

May 2023 Campout

What a great weekend. Eleven rigs and 20 members. The club wants to give our newest club member, Tina, a big welcome to our Los Viajaros Family. 

Flag City might not be a pretty campground but there sure is a lot to do and the club house is great. Because of the not so good weather we were able to gather together for meals and games including the Warriors Basketball games. What a noisy group we can be.

The bright sunny outfits on Sat. morning were a big hit. Marilyn and Lou were the best. Marilyn really got creative. Hope everyone gets to see the pictures. 

Cheryl did a great job making sure everyone had raffle tickets for the gift basket and plant. Hazel was the lucky winner.

The Cinco de Mayo pot luck was delicious. After dinner we played left, right, center and some watched the basketball game. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful extended weekend.

Diane and David

July 2023 Campout

Well, Jackson Rancheria didn’t disappoint. The weather was great. The company was great and I think we had a lot of fun. Some went gambling some went wine tasting and shopping. There was a lot of eating and lots of sharing stories. 

We had a lot of fun playing games, tossing water balloons and the others had fun watching. Wendy had a craft for the ladies to do.

I think we all appreciated the freshly made muffins, banana bread and zucchini bread. I also want to thank Cheryl for taking the pizza orders and picking it up. She did a great job, and everybody got exactly what they ordered.

2024 at Jackson Rancheria scheduled, so check the club calendar for dates.

Brenda & Rodger

August 2023 Campout

Congratulations to James and Heather on becoming our newest Club Members. We hope to enjoy many new adventures and fun times with them. 

Thank you to Lou and Marilyn for volunteering to coordinate Monterey Fairgrounds RV Park campout. Even though this was a no host campout, there was a great deal of coordination with fairground personnel to ensure a smooth and seamless camping experience for the Club.

Members gathered (at leisure) under the canopies for lunch, dinner, evenings and games. Everyone enjoyed the local food faire and Monterey Bay scenery. Thank you to Dave and Diane for organizing a Trivia challenge; we learned such useful information.

Members enjoyed a surprise ice cream treat from Marilyn, and a good laugh looking for Lous under the canopy on Saturday evening. Still laughing!

Wow, the fiscal year end is almost upon on and Club Membership is due ($50). Please see our Treasurer, Cheryl. See you the Club's Annual BBQ at Sugar Barge!